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10/13/2018 12:00 AM

About GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Search Engine Ranker is a fully automated link building software created by GSA. The company is headquartered in Rostock, Germany and it released Search Engine Ranker in the year 2012. GSA Search Engine Ranker Software is one of the most powerful link building software that can easily manage and build links to the numerous websites simultaneously to increase the traffic. It submits contents to over five hundred different platforms and instantly creates hundreds of valuable links pointing towards your website.

The main aim of this powerful software tool is to make link building easier and more effective than ever before. It also identifies the best places to put your links. The software can easily detect and submit to various platforms that include Blog comments, article sites, document sharing sites, directories, forums, Guestbooks, Image comments, Microblogs, Social Bookmarking sites, RSS, Social Networks, Trackbacks, Video submission sites, and Wikis plus more. GSA Search Engine Ranker will automatically search out and discover these platforms for you, so you don’t need to buy or scrape your own lists if you don’t want to.

How does GSA Search Engine work?

We all know that backlinks are the very important part of SEO. Backlinks are also very crucial when it comes to generating traffic. But the problem is that you can’t go on the websites one by one and submit backlinks there. This task is not just only expensive but also very time-consuming. This is where GSA Search Engine Ranker come into play. It can create backlinks on thousands of the websites related to your niche on more than five hundred platforms. For this, you don’t need to do something. Just provide the content, and GSA Search Engine Ranker will start submitting the backlinks. The best thing is that it concentrates only on the high traffic websites related to your content and as a result, your target traffic starts flooding your website.

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Benefits of GSA Search Engine Ranker

There are various benefits of using GSA Search Engine Ranker which is as follows:

  • It supports an unlimited amount of keywords and URLs for building links.
  • It consists of great set of features that will be useful for many SEO
  • It automatically handles all the detection, registration, submission, and verification process
  • It also comes with great customer support and a full support forum.
  • It has been frequently updated with bug fixes and brand new features.

Awesome Features the tool offer

GSA Search Engine Ranker has some very outstanding features that make it best amongst other link building softwares. These nice features include:

100% full SEO Automation

Once your SEO campaign is set up, GSA Search engine Ranker handles everything and runs endlessly building thousands of backlinks per day. The software can also take care of a lot of the manual link building work for you.

Built-in Spinner

In order to create regular visitors on your website, the most unique and good content is required. Without content, your website is worthless. You also need different articles of the same keyword to submit on various heavy traffic websites. You can easily create them using the article spinner. It can help you in creating the unlimited unique contents of the same keyword.


GSA Search Engine Ranker integrates with twenty two different indexing services for all your indexing needs.

Multiple Language support

This is one of the best features of GSA Search Engine Ranker. It offers full character encoding support by which you can build links and submit the content in languages other than English. Foreign search engines are also supported.

Spintax Support

GSA Search Engine Ranker supports full spintax in almost all fields of the application. It lets the users to keep their link profile unique.

Automatic Submission Process

With this feature of GSA Search Engine Ranker, all account registrations, email verification, and link verification is done automatically. For this, you don’t need to sign up or confirm emails on your end.

Filter Options

GSA Search Engine Ranker offers various link filter options to help target only the link types you want. The options include language filter, outbound link filter, country filter, Dofollow/Nofollow filter, and much more.

Proxy scraper and tester

This feature can automatically find, test, and verify good proxies for you while it is building links.

Captcha solver

GSA Search Engine Ranker solves the intolerable captcha codes for you. If you are not satisfied with its captcha feature, you can integrate other captcha tools like captcha infinity, captcha sniper, and decaptcher.

How much does it cost?

The pricing of GSA Search Engine Ranker is unbeatable. The software is available for a one-time payment of just $99. What is best for GSA Search Engine Ranker pricing is that you can get lifetime updates with this one-time payment all for free. If you have any confusion about the software, you can take its trial which is absolutely free for five days.

Final Words

GSASearch Engine Ranker is one of the most versatile link building software. This powerful link building tool is most likely going to set a new standard in ‘’must-have’’ software for your SEO toolbox. Inspite of lower price tag, you will find this tool as something that is amazingly powerful. This tool helps you in increasing traffic on your niche websites and blogs. The best part here is that this tool is completely automated. Just let it know what you have in mind and it will do the job within a few minutes.


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